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Antimicrobial Finished Fabrics

Antimicrobial Finished Fabrics
Item Code: IT-ANTI
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We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality Antimicrobial finished fabrics in India.

These are treated with highest quality anti microbial finishing chemicals.

Bacteria and Micro Fungi causes unpleasant odour. When laundering the untreated textile items with detergents in our home does not kill the bacteria present in the cloth. The bacteria causes the bad odour and deterioration in the cloth. These fabrics may also be used for medical textiles, surgical gowns, surgical aprons, inner wears, socks etc..

MICRO FUNGI attacks the textiles and discolour the cloth. Anti Microbial finish prevents the micro fungi and bacteria. So clothes become odour free and fresh always. Due to the environmental and living conditions the diseases are grown more when comparing with past days. So many diseases are developing quickly. Most of us are very conscious about our hygiene and cleanliness. Clothing and textile materials are not only the carriers of microorganisms such as pathogenic bacteria, odor generating bacteria and mould fungi, but also good media for the growth of the microorganisms.

The consumers are now increasingly aware of the hygienic life style and there is a necessity and expectation for a wide range of textile products finished with antimicrobial properties. This finish prevents the growth of bacteria and products finished in it have been proved environment friendly and health protecting, preventing diseases. It also prevents garments from unpleasant odor. The activity which affects the bacteria is known as antibacterial.

Our fabrics treated with antimicrobial finishing prevent the bad odor from our body and the good are being fresh for a longer time. The finishing prevents the growth of bacteria which causes the body odor.

Standard assessment test for anti microbial finish
Various standards set by the American Association for Testing Chemicals and Colorist AATCC 100 and AATCC 147.
Apart from the industrial use, anti microbial finish on textiles has become essential in our day today life to live in fresh and hygienic atmosphere. The finish has excellent potential in various textile uses like inner wears, house hold articles and baby care products. Even though many products have come, but still there is very good scope for the textile researchers in this field.

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