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Advanced Finishing Fabrics

In the recent days, the textile market is searching for new developments in various kinds of its applications. We, at INNOVATEX, developed an advanced fabric finishing for COTTON and blended fabrics. Nowadays the textile market demands new concepts or developments. Apart from the Aesthetic feeling, Functional Finishing becomes more important and necessary for the consumers. Functional finishing may be explained as under. When a textile article assumes additional features over the conventional concepts, it may be regarded as functionally finished. The consumer of the fabric / clothing feels the differences during usage. It maybe or may not be visible. We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Functional Finishing Fabrics.

The following are the advantage of the consumer when he/she wearing or using the textile goods.

SUN PROTECTION The Ultra Violet rays in the sunlight is filtered by the fabric, so that the skin is protected from the bad effects of the UV RADIATION from the sunlight

STAIN GUARD - The stain guard or Water repellant fabrics are used to prevent the fabrics being stained by any kind of liquids like water, oils, blood, tea, coffee, sauce, ink etc...These fabrics can be used in restaurents, rainwear, workwear in chemical industries etx… The stainguard finished fabric is finished with water and Oil repellant chemicals.We are manufacturing PFOA-free using AATCC-22, AATCC – 118 methods.

COOL FINISH - The body temperature is balanced due to the moisture management function of this finish. The sweat from the the body is immediately absorbed by the fabric and due to this finishing; the sweat will be evaporated within seconds. So the body will feel comfort. It imparts excellent softness and makes the fabric more breathable.

DIRT RELEASE - The dirt/soiling/stubborn stains caused by daily usage like sauce, coffee, tea, grease, blood, ink, etc will be washed off efficiently. So the freshness of the fabric ensured. The fabric looks better and long-lasting as new and soft.

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